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Sun-dried tomatoes - Pomodorini alla Corrado 212 ml

Sun-dried tomatoes - Pomodorini alla Corrado 212 ml

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Sun-dried tomatoes Original recipe from "Corrado" with San Marzano tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil and more!

This sun-dried tomatoes recipe was created after several trials and errors.

Experimenting by respecting the products and the traditions has always been my way forward.
The San Marzano tomatoes cultivated in the arid lands of the south of Italy, naturally dried in the "solleone" (sun+lion...when the sun is in the constellation of Leo) of Salento, under the watchful eyes and wise hands of expert farmers, that repeat this gestures generations after generation, adding only the right amount of salt, only once, when needed.

This is the secret.

Then the processing and the seasoning with extra-virgin olive oil, shallots, garlic and capers enrich without covering the main flavour of the tomatoes.

And this is it!

It is then up to you to create your perfect match, that can be as easy as pairing it with home made bread and a glass of Prosecco or as complex as you like!

Buon appetito from Corrado!!!

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